Lord of The Rings, War of The Ring Game Tips

The final Evil mission of WOTR is a long and arduous journey, but these tips will allow you to fight through this amazing battle intact and with a good-sized army.

The Sacking of Minas Ithil

(the final Evil mission)

This mission starts easily enough, but you can become embroiled in a losing battle of resources if you’re not careful. The key is to take your time building up your base, start defensively, and time time your attacks carefully. Make sure the Lord of the Nazgul survives – you can’t finish the mission without him, and the game doesn’t tell you that!

Place towers at the northern entrance to your base and use your Black Riders and some Slashers to defend it. You’ll also need Wraiths: place them in the towers. Build up to tech level 4 as quickly as possible, and use your Fate points to spawn Grishnahk (with all of his upgrades) – he’s indispensable in this mission. Also get Saleme (ditto).

Don’t attack the first enemy base until after you’ve secured the expansion resources east of it, across the bridge. Use these resources to build up your army until you have a strong group of Uruk-Hai and Warg Riders, with enough Slashers and Spearmen to serve as cannon fodder. Use your Wraiths (and/or Gollum, if you have enough Fate points) as scouts for Uruk-Hai to engage individual armies from a distance.

Use Grish to take out enemy towers: with his Wolf Speed, you can dash in, place explosives and toss burning torches, dash out, and repeat. You can also use Wolf Speed (and your Warg Riders) to lure enemies away from their defenses and back to ambushes.

Once the first base is sacked, set up a defensive line of towers as close to the enemy gates as possible, using Saleme’s Blood Mark to heal your troops. Wear down the enemy by luring them out to face you, using Grish and your Riders to race inside the walls and destroy/weaken towers before launching your assault. Save your Fate points if possible!

After this base is taken, secure the defensive Place of Power to the east, and then use Grish and your Uruk-Hai to take out the eastern forces guarding the final base. Patience is key, as rush tactics will be disastrous.

The defensive force guarding the palantir is formidable. Hopefully, you’ve remembered the previous tip and saved enough Fate points for a Balrog, which you should spawn in the middle of their formation. Order it to demolish the towers, and bring in the rest of your force to annihilate the troops. Guard the palantir’s entrance, place your war posts, and send in the Lord of the Nazgul to claim your prize.

And there you have a very successful strategy to emerge victorious at Minas Ithil, the final Evil mission in Lord of The Rings, War of The Ring.